Thursday, August 09, 2007

Damn the Japanese have cool stuff.

Once again the Japanese prove that they live thirty minutes further in the future than the rest of us: chameleon furniture. Apparently it's covered in sensors and when you put something on the furniture the sensors read what color the something is and changes the color of the furniture to match. That's not cool enough. What's really cool is if you sit on the furniture the color will pulse in time with breathing. The whole idea is:

"Dreamed up by Shinya Matsuyama and colleagues from the Studio Mongoose design company in Japan, the Fuwapica furniture draws on the country's ancient notions that gods inhabit every manmade artefact, be it chopsticks, dishes or tables."
Hells yes whatever that means. I'm totally buying some of this the future...when it's sold at Target. Sigh.

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