Monday, April 09, 2007

Waiting for Tuesday & assorted weekend update.

Despite the fact that Grindhouse has been getting mixed reviews I am actually getting excited to see it. A good number of people I know have no interest in seeing it because of cast, crew, or directors, or the fact that exploitation movies suck. I'm just gonna go for it - of all the releases that I could nit-pick and be overly critical of it's Grindhouse. Y'know what though? Fuck it, I wanna see some T&A and some violence and just have a good time. I agree with the people who have been saying that this is a movie that begs to be seen at the Alamo Drafthouse but damn that's too expensive a venture. In any case expect reviews from us in a day or two.

This weekend was pretty fun. With temperatures dropping absurdly Saturday was a good day to hide inside and get some serious gaming done. Summoner 2 was a satisfying RPG that yielded a good 30ish hours of gameplay and would have had more if I had crossed every I and dotted every T. If you're in the market for a budget RPG title that has some pretty interesting gameplay I recommend it.

Looks like it's going to be a fairly entertaining week so hopefully there will be some totally hella wicked awesome updates and some better than average posts. Now get back to work.

Saw Jenna polish off God of War. There are some real bastard platform moments to that game. It's one of those things where the amount of profanity, frustration, and straight up 110 proof rage-ohol almost make you want to stop playing the game. Almost but not quite.

There was a cookout yesterday - many thanks to Bart. Yea verily and it was good. In fact Easter at his house was one of the more fun Easters I've had.

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