Monday, April 16, 2007

"Is that Freedom Rock? Well, turn it up man!"

Just a couple of updates from the weekend:

1) God of War 2 was short, frustrating, and profanity inducing. Not quite as profanity inducing as SSX Tricky races but still fairly maddening. All in all it was a good game, gorgeous to look at, violent as all get out and there was nudity. Say all you want about GTA or any number of hot title games God of War has had boobies in both titles. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing or a good thing but really it's about time. What are slave girls supposed to wear? Potato sacks? Sweat suits? I think not.

Breasts do not a game make but God of War 2 was a solid game but short. It kind of amuses me that I view any game that takes less than twenty hours to complete short. Sure you can replay the game with all your gear and levelled magic but meh, why? There are a couple of bonus time attack levels that are more painful than fun to play.

The actual game itself is pretty damn good, the story really makes it. There aren't many games out there so straight up grim. Slaughtering heroes of Greek mythology? Neat-o! Mangling/dismembering/all out slaughtering critters? Swell! The game does end on a cliff-hanger but damn is it cool. If you played the first game and enjoyed it then I recommend waiting a few months and picking this up used. If you haven't played the first game then go pick up God of War. Seriously, it's an awesome game.

2) Watched the director's re-cut of Payback on Friday. The DVD came out last week. It was really good. I'll rewatch the theatrical release and then rewatch the remake and come up with a review...maybe...

Upcoming updates:

1) Tomorrow's movie is Pathfinder. Anyone interested drop wither me or Bart a line.

2) I still have yet to watch Unknown (2006) dir. Simon Brand w/ Greg Kinnear, Joe Pantaliano, and some second stringers. Supposed to be some kind of thriller. I'll watch it tonight or send it back to netflix so I can see Invincible. Yes, that Invincible.

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