Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kratos, you so crazy!

After three hours of playing God of War 2 I am actually looking forward to replaying it. As far as a game starting totally awesome I can't think of a game starting this totally wicked hella awesome. Penny Arcade sums it up beautifully as usual. Most games make me wish that I had a massive TV upon which to play but God of War 2 was made to be played on a movie screen. No joke.

If you've played God of War then you pretty much have a handle on the controls but then you start to appreciate the changes - dare I say it improvements in gameplay. Kratos now can use the Blades to grappel into areas which mean you have to keep an extra keen eye open. Part of the reason I want to replay this beast is simply because I know that I have missed areas. The addition of airborne combat levels is a blast. C'mon when isn't ripping the wings off a griffon bitchin'? The story is - at this early stage in the game - is as dark as God of War. The puzzles are a bit more clever and I can see the potential for frustration - we'll see.

This is a game you should take a look at if you want something playable, thrilling, and generally exciting. Hell, it's fun watching other people play just so you can just kick back.

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