Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dead I Well May Be - Andrew McKinty

I had forgotten about this book and how much I enjoyed it. My boss asked if I had read any of Andrew McKinty's books and after a few moments of idiocy - I've been off all day my yin and yang are heading north and south - I realized that I had read Dead I Well May Be.

How is the book? Let's put it this way - it's what The Departed should have been like but couldn't have been pulled off. This is one of those ass-kicking pot-boilers: an Irish lad comes to the States and gets a job as muscle with the local Mick mob. Things go sideways, all sorts of bad-ass shit happens, and there's a good old gun battle revenge climax. Oh yeah, there's a Mexican prison in there too - trust me it works. On top of everything it's well written. McKinty has that rapid-fire, taut style that I love. Tough Micks doing tough Mick shit. I'm gonna make a run to the bookstore to pick up his other titles this weekend.

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