Saturday, February 05, 2011

Far Cry 2 (2008) Ubisoft Montreal- I finally picked it up in 2011 you should too.

My two previous semi-reviews  (12/18/08 and 12/19/08) never amounted to a full review, which is kind of a a shame because my love of Far Cry 2 is kind of insane.  As far as a gaming experience goes I'm very pleased with it.  There are a couple of tweaks I would like to see and maybe a few more options for side quests and the like but in all honesty those are minor quibbles. I'm still about 3/4 through the story arc and am considering starting over since I don't remember most of what's going on (plus it might be fun).

What might turn some people off of the Far Cry 2 experience is that there are times when you're just travelling, driving or boating along.  There is a fast travel system but you're kind of missing out on the pacing of the game experience if you do that.  Most of the time I enjoy just bopping along because I like exploring and finding secrets.  The downside to the amount of travelling is you're travelling in a war-torn country with a sign on you that says, "Will trade hand jobs for being used as target practice."  Seriously, everyone shoots at you.  Granted your reputation proceeds you but damn.  One of the tweaks I wish that the game had was more of a faction balance (like in Mercenaries) so not every road block would turn into a bullet orgy.  I have to admit though that driving like hell through a checkpoint with gunfire all over the place is kind of fun sometimes.

So far my favorite weapon is the flare gun.  Combined with the fire dynamics in the game (which are astoundingly awesome) and the amount of panic caused on the enemy (understandable, I'd panic if someone shot a flare gun at me) and well I just like setting people on fire in combat games (often I will laugh my ass off and yell, "Stop drop and roll motherfucker!"  I have issues).  Also the flare gun doesn't degrade as fast as some of the other weapons.  Weapon degradation is a major factor in how combat works in FC2.  There's nothing more harrowing than your weapon jamming in the middle of a gun battle (during one mission my SAW jammed, I was out of grenades and molotovs so I basically had to forage for weapons - the downside being enemy weapons are pieces of shit and jam or break on you very quickly).  Fortunately your machete doesn't degrade or consume ammo. 
I haven't delved into the multiplayer yet so I'll put something up about that experience once...I uh...experience it.  I'm a little worried that there won't be much of an online presence but I'm hoping that the fans who are still playing are a cut above the majority of Halo or COD players. 

What I have started tinkering with is the map editor.  I'm still trying to figure out the basics but there are some seriously insane folks out there like Animattronic and RaptorIGN (their maps are below).  There's even a book I want to pick up called simply From Gamer to Game Designer: The Official Far Cry 2 Map Editing GuideIf I manage to come up with something cool I'll post it.  I'm thinking insane trench warfare or perhaps a recreation of a famous battlefield...hmmm...crap what was I supposed to read for class?

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