Friday, February 04, 2011

"A Conversation While..." - a kind of sort of initial review.

Normally I'm not a fan of this kind of thing, it almost reeks of the reasons I left Austin (well one of the reasons) however, this is actually cleverer and smarter than it pretends or wants to be.  Chapter One is pretty good and has some really brilliant lines ("Picayune? here's a term for you - you pendantic fuck") but Chapter Two had me laughing my ass off.  It kind of sort of turns Godwin's Law on its head.  Plus there are some choice lines about Woody Allen - on another viewing of the video I realized that these guys used Woody Allen's font during the credits.  Well played.

Truth be told I think it's my love of Woody Allen movies (way back in the 20th Century, pre-Scarlett muse days ex. Love and Death) that allow me to appreciate the jokes in these clips.  Additionally the production quality and Mr. Joiner's scoring bring these clips up several notches (to me production quality is kind of important as a mark of quality - it's like the difference between a shitty horror movie with shitty production and a shitty horror movie that's filmed well and might have something going for it).  Additionally, it's the bringing of absurdity, reality, and pragmatism into philosophical concepts, thus rendering these concepts as onanistic as they really are.

I look forward to the up-coming releases from these guys.  At the very least watching these clips will give us something to fill the time while waiting for updates from XKCD.  

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