Thursday, January 13, 2011

News from Thursday the 13th:

Sometimes with FB instafeed I forget that once upon a time I used to post all that stuff on HYR.  So here's a scattershot of interesting stuff I found today:

Scientists Find That Squid Beak Is Both Hard And Soft, A Material That Engineers Want To Copy huh huh huh...hard.  Still joking aside, fascinating and I'm a sucker for potential biotech.
2011: The Dark Year Ahead - a piece from Pravda that is pretty grim but certainly worth reading.
My Russian is not very good but I think this headline reads "Fucking Giant Icicles!"  Additionally that Russkie news site has loads of pictures of hot chicks.  Skernik!
 Sharks in the Streets of Brisbane.  If this is true then Australia's floods make Katrina look like a kiddie pool.
Shane Black Brought on to Death Note - the live action version of the crappy anime.  Suck. 
From the geniuses over at a Combos Factory Maintenance Report

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