Friday, January 28, 2011

Exciting news! Well, exciting news for me.

So this semester is a very intense reading and writing course load, plus I'm gonna have to come up with topics that I can dig through and poke with a stick.  Women's History is going to be the most challenging mainly because my knowledge is pretty limited (though I think I might focus on women travelers/adventurers/travel writers/journalists).  I'm stoked about African American History (though I have to admit I'm beginning to develop an interest in African history - ex. Slave narratives and cultures in the Caribbean and South America).  English 200 - Literature not so much; not because I don't care about literature'n'stuff but because my interests lay in genre fiction and creative non-fiction.  Ethnobiology is gonna be a blast and in all honesty I'm beginning to think that it's the field I am truly interested in, especially in being able to meld my love of food, history, and cultural studies.  Frankly, except for the science stuff of ethnobio, the topics and possibilities for exploring those topics excites me.

More news to follow.  Hope you fine hooligans have a good and safe weekend.

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