Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Game news and reviews! Yay!

Thanks to a fine Christmas gift from BC3 and Mrs. BC3 I was able to download a pile of XBOX Arcade games I had been wanting to play.

ilomilo is a puzzler that is pretty darn cute and bizarre.  The whole premise is navigating ilo to meet milo through a multi-layered/dimensioned series of block puzzles.  Some of the puzzles have been pretty cut and dry and as I've been progressing the puzzles have been (quelle surprise) increasing in difficulty.  ilomilo is definitely worth the 800 MS points, especially if you're looking for something different from FPS or the trudge of sequels.

Costume Quest is an excellent kid's game from Tim Schafer's production company.  Hell, it's an excellent game all around.  Simple enough plot, fun exploring, interesting combat, nice elements of collection and gathering, and a rather touching story about siblings.  My first playthrough took me about eight hours but I accidentally erased my save and have to playthrough again to regain all my unlocked stuff to carry over to the sequel Grubbins on Ice.  I've already downloaded Grubbins but haven't cracked it open yet.  Maybe this weekend.

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue A sequel that is Death-ier, spank-ier, and more-ier.  DS:TOV is the same as the first game.  Pretty funny, lots to blow up, clever graphics, gingerbread men to set on fire, leprechauns to throw grenades at, and Thongs to rescue from the clutches of evil.

There's nothing really coming out in February but Homefront comes out March 8th as does Dragon Age 2.  Sadly, I'm not terribly excited about Dragon Age 2.  I still feel a bit pissed about getting burnt by the DLC and Awakenings for Dragon Age. 

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