Thursday, January 13, 2011

Capital's war against WikiLeaks - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Capital's war against WikiLeaks - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

I jokingly say, "You can't stop the signal." but I've been trying to keep up and catch up with Assange's trials and tribulations. I admit that I have never been to the site and in some regards I feel apprehensive about visiting WikiLeaks because I don't want anything negative to go on my permanent record. Again I joke but isn't freedom of information one of the basic tenets (am I using the right word/concept correctly?) of the World Wide Web? I know how naive that statement is and maybe I rely too much on my nostalgic feelings for cyberpunk. However (and I might sound like a conspiracy nut) doesn't the amount of international muscle being brought to bear on Assange mean that he and his site/sources/etc are simply right? Assange isn't the homeless lady on M Street in DC who bore signs declaring that the CIA killed her son or some tinfoil hat wearing nutcase camped out at Roswell, hell there's not even a hint of Alex Jones in what I've been reading about Assange and his site.

As with other topics I need to educate myself further and more extensively but the entire WikiLeaks debacle fascinates and frightens me. While I don't subscribe to NWO Black Helicopter theories I do worry about the concepts of freedom of information (a vague concept at best I am not educated enough to speak further on) on the Net because how am I supposed to educate myself? How am I supposed to answer/address/explore questions and issues I have if I don't have access to information? Nevermind that I am never going to do anything with that knowledge and frankly I'm too self-centered and worried about paying rent and worried about passing Spanish III and most of my internet time is spent pissing away hours on FB apps but for some reason I also deeply worry about being able to find information freely. I worry about logging into or subscribing to certain sites. I worry about writing about certain topics and issues on this site. I might get on my soapbox from time to time and time again but ultimately I don't want a knock on the door from a suit holding my internet history. Or maybe I'm just being narcissistic and paranoid and gutless. Or maybe the nebulous "they" have won, turning my worries into silence.

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