Saturday, January 08, 2011

Look! Stuff about games that aren't Red Dead or Fallout!

I recently heard about the PS3 game Demon's Soul and I have to say that I really want to play it.  It sounds like an excellent game that brings back good old fashioned the RPG hates you gameplay.  For me that's part of the appeal because, as I've written before, most games are pretty easy these days - unless they are plagued by crappy mechanics, gameplay, or camera control.  This game apparently dishes out the punishment.  Too bad I don't have a PS3 or the desire to buy one.

On good old XBOX Arcade puzzler ilomilo just was released and I'm excited to play it.  Arcade has some really good little puzzle games that really warrant downloading the demo at least, example: The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom. I'm gonna give it a play ASAP.

A real surprise was Snoopy Flying Ace. It's a dog-fighting game (aerial combat not Michael Vick though I bet Snoopy could beat the shit out of Clifford or Marmaduke) that is surprisingly fun and has some really hectic combat.  I'm looking forward to downloading a full version.

Microbot could be fun or it could be crappy.  I'll let you folks know when I play it.

One game I really want to play (and can pick up new for $20...well whenever I get $20) is Darkstar One: Broken Alliance.  The game hearkens back to good old fashioned spaceship combat/rpg.  This is one of my favorite genres of all times, one that I feel is sadly under-represented in today's gaming industry.  Apparently the graphics aren't top-notch and the story stumbles at times but to paraphrase Vasquez, I just need to know one thing about my enemies, where they are.  Space combat woo!  Plus I like dusting off chesnuts like, "This ain't like shootin wumprats kid!"

More reviews pending, including news about Homefront and Elder Scrolls V: Return of the Load Screen.

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