Friday, June 19, 2009

Twilight (2008) dir. Catherine Hardwicke

There's been plenty of internet jumping up and down on this movie so I'll try not to join in.

From a Vampire movie stand point Twilight is pretty awful.  Not Lost Boys II bad but almost just as bad.  The standard vampire whining is in full effect, with blood drinking being a metaphor for sexual intercourse but of course denial of urges...blah, blah, blah... lingering looks...whatever.

Very simply:

Twilight fails as a vampire movie, as a teen girl movie, and as a movie (although it does work as a comedy - I haven't laughed that hard in awhile).  Most of time I kept losing interest in what was going on.  I kept wishing I had something to do while watching the movie - like my nails or drinking or both.  Twilight is painfully paint by numbers, with a lack lustre heroine, a jerky yet wussy (is that Emo?) vampire guy, a fairly lame Millenial hit soundtrack, and shrug worthy camera work.

On the upside:

The Collins (Vampire family) had a dynamic I kind of enjoyed.  As a fringe "good guy" blah blah blah we only feed on animals bunch of vampires they were oddly likeable.

Billy Burke, playing Charlie Swan (the protagonist's divorced and depressed town sheriff Dad) reminded me of a young Tom Skerritt.  I liked the character and the way he was portrayed.  It wasn't enough to save the rest of the movie but I'd like to see Mr. Burke in another movie.

Twilight makes other vampire movies seem better.

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