Friday, February 13, 2009

DS Reviews! Chrono Trigger (2008) & Age of Empires: Mythologies (2009)

Chrono Trigger was originally released in the way back times of 1995 for the Super Nintendo. I never played that version for some reason, probably because I was loose on the streets causing trouble. Fortunately the game has been rereleased for the DS and it's a pretty solid JRPG. It's got a - now - pretty standard travel through time to stop the destruction of the world plot. There's not much grinding to do - in all honesty it's not a particularly difficult game. There are a few tough/tricky boss fights but nothing that will make you gouge out your eyes.

The gameplay and graphics etc etc etc are solid, the music is awesome, and all in all is a great release for the DS. It's kind of funny that RPGs are the main thing I play on the DS but I'm glad I can still my RPG fix.

Age of Empires: Mythologies is a very satisfying turn based strategy game - especially for $20. You can select the Egyptians, Norse, or Greeks with which to wage war. Then you can invoke the powers of the gods to smite your foes. I'm enjoying it though I haven't played it for too long. The gameplay is solid, for such a dense game it's really easy to navigate the map and the units and all the good stuff. Resource management is pretty straight forward as well. It's quite surprising at how user friendly the game is. I'm gonna get some more game in but it's definitely worth the money.

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