Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A few brief comments about "The Harder They Come".

I first learned of Jimmy Cliff from the Ska All Over the World compilation - the rerelease not the original LP - and I first learned of The Clash from Combat Rock. I wish that Dad had been cool enough to have London Calling but, well, all he had was Combat Rock on cassette. Come to think of it he probably stole it from my Aunt.

I was dicking around in cyberspace - I have come to the decision I am going to call "The Internet" cyberspace - and listening to The Clash's cover of The Maytals' "Pressure Drop". Now don't get me wrong I love The Clash version but The Maytals version has a sound that stirs up the good stuff from the pot of nostalgia stew. I had a moment of confusion finding the album "Pressure Drop" featured on - The Harder They Come. Did I put it in soundtracks or with other Jimmy Cliff albums?

I was just going to listen to "Pressure Drop" but the album started playing auto. I had almost forgetten how good this soundtrack was. This was the soundtrack that made Jamaican music blow up - internationally - in 1972.

I'm digging through a few books and liner notes at the moment but should come up with something solid in a few shakes of lamb's tail.

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