Saturday, April 14, 2012

SWTOR Legacy is here! And...

There have been a lot of changes (full patch notes here) and as far as I can tell most of them are pretty good.  There have been some that are awesome - being able to customize the UI (though chat is still clunky compared to EVE) is nice, tweaking character appearance and there's now a button on the Character Sheet which allows you to color match your armor based on the color pattern of the chest piece (considering I was running around in an ugly, mismatched set of gear I'm grateful), there have been cosmetic changes and fixes and tweaks galore.  This really is a major patch with all kinds of bells and whistles but the biggest addition is the Legacy system which allows you to create a "family" tree/history for your characters on the server.  By completing parts of the story, levelling, etc you can unlock races for character creation (e.g. a Twi'lek Bounty Hunter), acquire and exchange Legacy items between alts, and there are perks for all characters based on the accomplishments of each alts. 

It's cool but ultimately I don't know if I'm really all that thrilled.  Still rail-shooter space combat and I spend most of time "playing" bouncing between alts crafting stuff.  I started a new character (a Zabrak Operative named Sriracha) and noticed that the going is easier with the perks from my Bounty Hunter (along with top shelf crafted armor).  Actually creating a Zabrak character was kind of stupid since I wanted to unlock a Twi'lek (which I can do if I get one to lvl 50 or pay 1.5 mil creds).  It only took part of the evening to reach lvl 10 so it's really not that big a deal.  Guess I could play a Twi'lek Inquisitor but I am neither a fan of light armor nor the Force or melee combat.  Shrug.

I'll keep playing for a bit more, I should at least finish out the BH story arc (and I'm just shy of the lvl 50 mark).  Maybe I'll try out a Twi'lek Smuggler.  That sounds pretty pew pew.

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