Saturday, April 28, 2012

Assorted news and reviewy tasting things

Right out of the gate I have to say this:

Fez is awesome and if you're into puzzler/platformers then check this game out right god damn now. It's a 2D game that gets shifted into a 3D game and I kind of can't describe it but it works. You switch camera perspective with the left and right bumpers and thus turn the environment in order to solve puzzles, open paths, discover doors, etc etc etc. Once you get the hang of the camera the game becomes more manageable. Then you have the puzzles - some of which are the kind that make me yell, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!?" - a la Professor Layton thinks you're a fucking moron. There are minimal hints so sometimes you can futilely poke at a puzzle until miserable. I've completed the story and am working on the last few puzzles but they are pissing me off more than anything else. That being said, this is an entertaining game. A pleasant departure from the blowing shit up FPS genre or slogging through SWTOR.

In other random news:
  • Supernatural Season Four started strong though I think I'm just watching the show for Dean and Bobby.  Sam can go make his stupid faces with Ruby somewhere else on the CWB.
  • Game of Thrones season one was good and got better.  Not goobing out about it the way I feel for the books but the series is strong and seems to be getting a lot of people who would never have picked up the books into the books.  I'm just gonna laugh in their faces if they think things were bad for the Starks in the first book.
  • Koyaanisqatsi (1982) - dir Godfrey Reggio.  Watched this for a class.  Can't say I'm a huge fan of sound/image experiments like this (particularly when scored by Phillip Glass - though imdb says that Reggio recut the film to match Glass's work) but as a cinematic experience it was certainly worth seeing.  It's basically one long montage of our modern world "out of balance" but running parallel to nature - seeing the order in chaos, patterns, etc set to Glass's pulsing and at times over-powering (in a Clockwork Orange reprogramming sense not a good over-powering sense) score.  It's definitely an art house movie from the early 80s through and through.  
  • the new blogger format for posting is clunky and the autosave feature is causing lag making writing and exercise in rage building.  
More crap soon to come - including news about Burn Jita. 

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