Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saving Private Perez (2011) dir Beto Gomez

I ended up watching this during my current depressed, fuck it, I'll watch anything mood and have to admit - this is kind of a funny movie.  The premise - stick with me - is simple but absurd:  Mexican Narco kingpin Julian assembles a team of bad-asses to accompany him in order to rescue his estranged U.S. Marine brother who has been MIA in Iraq.  It's kind of like Let's Get Harry (1986) with Mexican gangsters in some of the world's craziest shirts and cowboy hats.  Their shirts are fucking awesome. 

The movie itself isn't great but it is definitely enjoyable and fun.  It follows the guys on a mission formula, tosses in a bunch of cultural disconnect humor, the best parts are when the team are just screwin around, the action is intentionally American crappy action movie bad, and it has an element of absurdity that amused me.  It's on netflix streaming so if you're in a mood for something waaaaaaay off your normal netflix fare definitely give this a shot. 

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