Saturday, October 09, 2010

Crawlspace (1986) Dir. David Schmoeller

Crawlspace (1986)Well, huh, what can I say about Crawlspace?  I watched it last night as part of my bored out of my skull, tired of doing homework Netflix trawling the horror section downloads routine.

Was it bad?  Yes, but it was better than some of the pieces of shit that came out in the last three decades(especially lately).  Was it creepy?  Yes.  Was it bizarrely wrong in many ways?  Yes.  Why was Klaus Kinski one the spookiest actors to ever live - spookier than Udo Kier?  Because he's fucking goddamned Klaus Kinski!  He is quoted as saying, "I'd have been better than Adolf Hitler. I could've delivered his speeches a lot better. That's for certain."

Kinski sells this movie and turns the crazy meter up to 11.  I would have turned it off but Kinski was so psychotically compelling that I had to keep watching.  You almost expect him to start gibbering and speaking in tongues and summoning the Old Ones and undulating his limbs in an unnatural fashion.  In a way that would be better because Kinski manages to look like a great white shark with some serious mental problems.

Since it's October and everyone is looking for good or at least better than slop movies I whole-heartedly recommend Crawlspace.

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