Friday, August 20, 2010

Lack of reviews, not eating, not cooking = not much to blog about.

Apologies folks, I know that HYR has pretty much been bone dry lately.  My inspiration has been lacking and I freely admit that I use facebook as a crutch for posting videos and the like nowadays.  I've also been very depressed and broke and suffering from chronic beer induced laziness (and living in Nac during the summer during which there is fuck-all to do plus it's 100 degrees plus outside) and that's not fun to write or read about.

Coming up though, barring any major catastrophes or financial shit storms, I will be attending DragonCon with my good friends.  My initial purpose was a surprise visit to Amanda, who as you may know is living in the Peach State, and will have her jewellery on display at the con.  But I kind of spoiled the surprise, so now she knows I'm coming.  However, it should be a good time to be had by all.  I've never been to a major convention so I'm not sure what to expect.  Truth be told I'm a little more curious about what there is to eat in Atlanta - plus there's an aquarium!  Plus, I'm excited to be going with such awesome people.

So yeah, school is starting in roughly a week or so.  I'm weeding my netflix queue and plan to hunker down with a stack of documentaries over the next few days, focus my chi, cleanse my aura, try not to be too nervous about the trip and seeing Amanda, and calling the electric company and letting them know payment is gonna be late.

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