Thursday, August 26, 2010

An experiment in rice, pending reviews, and assorted gibberings from the oubliette.

Waiting for student loans sucks but on the upside I've been continuing experiments in rice.  Today's experiment was particularly successful and with a few minor tweaks should become a staple dish in my home.  Ready?

Rice with pho paste in particular bo bun Hue paste (which is my long standing favorite variation of pho).  I know paste is kind of cheating when making pho but I am trapped in East Texas without easy access to Vietnamese restaurants.  Besides I'd bet you good money at least half of the pho you get in restaurants comes from paste so nyah.  All I did was add about a tablespoon-ish of paste to about two cups of water (hot water) while I was toasting my rice.  E voila!  Bo bun Hue flavored rice.  The only thing I wish is that I had lime juice and fresh basil to add to the rice.

  • Pending chicken experiment
    • Baked chicken breaded with crushed jalapeno sweet and tangy kettle chips.
  • Upcoming reviews:
    • Dragon Age: Awakenings - worth $40?
    • Randis Albion - my new favorite artist of the moment
    • Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Come with me if you want to get lunch
    • Objectified - my new favorite documentary about the design of objects
    • Deathspank - a game about dishing out justice with a firm hand
    • Bigger, Stronger, Faster - a docu about steroids.  Actually pretty damned interesting.
  • Assorted gibberings:
    • A mega-post about my march on Atlanta.  Not to raze it but to attend DragonCon.  I need to get a t-shirt that reads, "Sherman kicks ass!"
    • Food and restaurant reviews from the Labor Day Campaign.
    • Pictures
    • What is the region food of Atlanta/Georgia?  Inquiring minds want to know.
    • Who would win in a fist fight?  The Dalai Lama or Jesus?
    • My internal debate about facebook - should I take it out back and shoot my account?
Oh yeah, school starts Monday...I don't even know when, where, or what my classes are...I know I registered months ago...hmmm...

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