Friday, January 15, 2010

Hooligan Youth: new and improved Rogue/Ranger in Dragon Age: Origins (XBOX 360)

Note: Yes, I did use the Ostagar cheat up to level 20.
Okay here's my newest new new (maximized?) character: Moxie
  • Strength: 20 (Considering that the Felon's Coat only needs a Str 20 to equip this seems reasonable.  Medium Armor requires up to Str 34 for the good stuff.
  • Dexterity: 36+ (The Rose's Thorn requires Dex 30, the four best longbows require Dex 34.)
  • Cunning:  22
  • Constitution: 20 (any left over points will be dumped here)
  • Willpower: 20
  • Magic: whatever the base score is, not wasting points here.
For skills I am taking:
  • Ranger (because having a Giant Bear as an ally is always a good thing)
  • Traps aka Booty Traps (Leliana has poison, Morrigan has potions so why bother wasting points on those skills?)
  • Nature: It's not just for paving over anymore.
  • Pickpocketing (aka "What has it gots in its pocketeses?").  Apparently you can pickpocket to your heart's content with little/no consequence.
For armaments I am going for the tried and true longbow and instead of going for two hand weapons I am staying truer to class and wielding daggers.  Too bad they aren't throwing daggers.

More news to follow as I progress.

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