Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I retract my previously positive review of "No Line On the Horizon".

While No Line On the Horizon is a solid album - for any other band that is not U2 - it's a disappointment.

Let me just say that I think that U2 hit their stride not with Boy, War, Achtung Baby, or Rattle & Hum but with Zooropa and Pop.  What can I say?  I heard Joshua Tree too many times on the radio growing up.  When I blasted - on my Sony Walkman - Zooropa stomping around the streets of D.C. I felt that album was made for me.

Years have passed.  I'm sixty pounds heavier than I was nearly a decade ago.  U2 is a band I had given up on.  All That You Can't Leave Behind was a tragic disappointment.  

All the elements for a successful U2 album are present in No Line On the Horizon.  Bono's plaintive cries, Adam and Larry's pulsating heartbeat intertwined bass'n'drums, and the Edge's soaring riffs are where they need to be...

But damn it, there's no...there's no heart in this album.  Maybe U2 found their breaking point.  I dunno what that is supposed to mean but there's no thunder, no dance beats, no anthem, no drift off into afternoon smoke, and no trouble maker involved with No Line On the Horizon.

I would give their latest release another (another) chance but I figure I might just dig out an album when U2 gave a shit.

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