Sunday, March 22, 2009

Honeymoon in New Orleans Part 2 - The Drunkening.

There were only three places we went exclusively to drink though we always seemed to been either drunk or hungover or both.
  • Chart Room, 300 Chartres St.  Great bar, decent jukebox, cash only.  Miller High Life on draught which definitely makes a world of difference in drinkability - $2.50 for a big frosty mug doesn't hurt either.  Small and pretty low key the Chart Room seems like a good chunk of the patrons are restaurant and hotel staff.  All in all a great time.  Beware the tea infused vodka.  Ask Amanda how they were.
  • Ye Olde Original Dungeon, 738 Toulouse St.  We were looking forward to finding a bar/club that played old industrial and goth.  We found an awesome bar with kick ass drinks, wicked, hella bitchin' atmosphere, fucking awesome staff, and a galactic wizard asston of Metal.  Metal played at very high decibels.  Pretty solid jukebox downstairs though.  We ended up there most nights.  Unfortunately we spent most of the night before we were going to leave NOLA at the Dungeon, let's put it this way - those of you who know me will get this joke - I got singing drunk.  Amanda and I were not in the greatest of shape Friday morning.  
  • One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St.  A music venue in the French Quarter.  We just sat in the front and hung out bullshitting with the bartender most nights while waiting for The Dungeon to open.  Nice quiet spot to lay low.  Solid jukebox.
Oh yeah - you can smoke in fucking bars in New Orleans.  Yeah, it was like Heaven to sit at a bar and smoke...of course it was Hell the next day.  OMG, so totally worth it though.

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