Saturday, March 07, 2009

Body of Lies (2008) dir Ridley Scott

Holy shit, Ridley Scott made a good movie again.  Now before you get all hot and flustered by that statement you have to take into account that Ridley Scott has made some suck movies over the last twenty years.  I am reserving judgment on American Gangster - aka the movie we've rented about a dozen times and never watched - but that's about it.

I wasn't expecting much of anything from Body of Lies - I downloaded it because I figured it would be better than Bangkok Dangerous.  Lo, Body of Lies was a perfectly reasonable CIA thriller.  There were some twists and turns and some shit blowing up.  I liked the non "USA! USA!  FUCK YEAH!  USA!" feeling of the movie - there was a good amount of character development that involved differing Middle Eastern views and opinions.  

I like DiCaprio as a grown-up.  He plays a fairly decent thriller/action guy.  It's nice to see that he moved out from River Phoenix's shadow.  Russell Crowe is Russell Crowe but he has a weird American accent that made me think - where are you from again?  Texatuckyginiaolina?

Body of Lies definitely worth watching, downloading, or buying out of the trunk of a car. 

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