Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Upcoming movie releases and assorted mumbo-jumbo.

The Spring movie rush has started with Zodiac and Black Snake Moan. 300 & The Host open this Friday. Personally I'm more excited about The Host than I am by 300. Unfortunately with 300 the media carpet-bombing has taken its toll on me. There is a plan in the works to head to San Antonio this weekend to see it at the IMAX so even if the movie is ho hum the sheer spectacle of it will make it worth while. Shooter -as formulaic it may be - will be an awesome popcorn movie. C'mon Danny Glover is the bad guy. Fuck yeah! The last week of March has The Hills Have Eyes 2, TMNT, and The Lookout. I'll see some turtles. Then there's April with - Grindhouse, Hot Fuzz, Pathfinder, and Severence. There are a couple of other releases but nothing too thrilling to see in the theater - though I will probably sneak in a matinee of Black Book.

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