Thursday, March 22, 2007

Action movie bad guys I miss: Part 1 - Commies.

I have Rocky Balboa waiting to be watched when I get home. This started me thinking about the Rocky series and got me to thinking about Rocky IV (1985). Now I haven't seen Rocky IV in at least ten years but Ivan Drago has stayed in my mind as awesome. That got me thinking about all kinds of awesome Red villians from the 80s. I plan to put together a short series about classic bad guys and here we go - in no particular order of awesomeness:

THE RED MENACE (1980-1989)

Rocky IV (1985) - Ivan Drago - Dolph Lundgren. "I must break you." What an awesome bad guy, I mean c'mon he kills Apollo Creed - thus proving "whatever he hits he destroys".

Red Dawn (1984) - The Commies invade America and kick the shit out of Harry Dean Stanton - that's not cool. Despite the fact that this isn't the world's greatest movie it still rocks if only for the opening scene of the high school gun down.

Rambo III (1988) - Colonel Zaysen - Marc de Jonge. Before the current mess in the region Rambo was kicking Commie ass sideways with a little help from the Mujahadeen in order to rescue his buddy Colonel Troutman. This is the kind of movie that Saturday afternoon hangovers were made for.

The Beast of War (1988) - Daskal - George Dzundza. Yet another movie about the Russians in Afghanistan. This is time the story revolves around Koverchenko - Jason Patric - as a member of tank crew led by the increasingly loco Daskal. When the tank gets seperated from its column hijinks ensue! "Da-kaboom-tank!" You know Daskal is a bad guy when he orders his crew run over a Mujahadeen...slowly...feet first.

Red Heat (1988) - Schwarzenegger & Belushi together at last. This is another one of those movies I loved as a kid but haven't seen in almost twenty years. I might have to give this a rental. Then again maybe not.

I am hunting around for other movies since my brain is coughing up stuff like Moscow on the Hudson (1984), Gorky Park (1983), and White Nights (1985).

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