Sunday, October 07, 2012

Borderlands 2 - First playthrough (no spoilers)

Yup, got through my first playthrough with Commando Lvl 34.  Started over again in True Vault Hunter mode.

I have to say that the climax of B2 was far superior to its predecessor.  Truth be told though I'm looking forward to playing through the story again - there were a couple of sections that really shone and by the last third of the game the main story just clomped along to the end.  I knew I would be restarting the game though so that's all good.

For the first playthrough I clocked in roughly three and half days of gameplay with only two incomplete side quests (arena fights).  Probably about half of that time was me just dicking around finishing side quests and challenges.  I still have a mountain of challenges left (mainly finding hidden icons and co-op challenges) so I'll plink around with those until the Mechromancer comes out. 

And that's the long and short.  As always, if anyone wants to get some co-op in, hit me up. 

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