Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maybe I shouldn't play pen and paper RPGs...

While I am a hardcore digital RPG fan and have been for a quarter-century I never got into pen-and-paper rpg's and LARPs.  I recall playing a handful of games during my youth but I was more of a Warhammer Fantasy Battle and 40K kind of youth (though now I just occasionally slap paint on a mini).  So I never got into D&D or Masquerade or any of that stuff.  Truth be told I think I just don't like analog games or the face-to-face social/competitive aspects of them.

That being said, a number of friends and acquaintances play them here and I do want to be more sociable and have friends so when I was invited to join in the Firefly rpg some friends are starting, I figured, "Shit, it ain't Masquerade".  I wrote up the first two-thirds of a fairly complex back story over the last week or so and set up a character I thought I would have fun playing with (I'll post the bio and character when I finish it).

I think I kind of bull-in-a-china-shopped the game and it almost immediately devolved into madness due to my character's refusal to cooperate with the suit and goons who came into my establishment with a forceful job offer.  Also I kind of demanded information on the job from the get-go.  On one hand I feel kind of bad for mayheming it but in my defense I was kind of put into the mix of it right from the get-go.  Plus, nobody bosses me around in my place, especially some suit who needs hired goons to weight his words. 

I'm a little wary of playing again, considering it might go a lot smoother if I just sit out and cook or hang out while they play.  We'll see.  Then again, I guess I could play sober. 

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