Sunday, June 17, 2012

Assorted things und schtuffs

Just a quick post to say that I've had nothing to post about worth posting about.  Summer in Texas has started and it's gonna be a hot one.  Haven't been particularly inspired to game and only putting in minimal effort into EVE.  Been watching The Killing  on netflix and it's pretty good.  I finished off Supernatural except for the last season and I'm kind of annoyed that season four and five were mainly about crap and then six and seven are all awesome.  Meh.

Had a really crappy sub from Napoli's.  It wasn't one thing that was bad, it was the whole thing.  Their sausage and meatball subs are awesome but their cold subs are terrible.  Avoid.

The local liquor store started carrying a Scottish beer from BrewDog UK I was recommended by a buddy of mine in EVE (an Englishman in Scotland).  The Punk IPA was excellent and more floral than most IPAs.  It's a fucking great beer, the only downside is that it's $10.99 for a four pack of 12oz bottles.  I also got their 5am Saint which kind of punched me in the face.  It was good for a red but it's definitely not a sit down and drink a whole mess of.  The 5am actually seemed hoppier than the IPA and when I pick up some more of their stuff I'll be going for the IPA.  Their high power beers aren't at the shop yet and I'm not sure I'll be picking up a 14% IPA - my experience with those isn't the best.  I think I lost sight in one eye for a week after my last experience. 

And that's the long and short for the time being.  Hope all of you are well and don't let the bastards grind you down.

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