Friday, March 02, 2012

An odd moment of introspection

I was born in 1977.  One of my earliest memories was of news reports of President Reagan being shot in 1981. Another early memory, probably the same year since we were still in DC, was of dressing as Darth Vader for Halloween and peeing myself before trick or treating because I couldn't get the stupid plastic mask and sheet costume off fast enough.

I probably saw but don't remember the classic campaign videos of 1984, "Morning in America" or "The Bear" when they originally aired.  I do remember the Reagan bio that Craig T. Nelson is reading in Poltergeist (a movie that still scares me but it's also a weird time capsule of my youth).

It's strange watching this old footage of Reagan today because in this election year I would probably vote for him.  Yeah, I know, historical hindsight allows me realize x,y, and z but I still like Reagan.  Hell, I probably would have voted for him while everything was going to shit.  Bullshit, I don't vote but I am a fan of his humor.

I am now going to watch my favorite 1984 movies which was a stellar year for cinema.

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