Monday, March 26, 2012

Napoli's: New Italian Restaurant in Nacogdoches Initial Thoughts

I guess a week or two ago an Italian joint opened in the former Hong Kong Buffet location (next to the former Tabu).  I had kind of forgotten about it until waiting to cross North Street for class and so I went for lunch after I was done on campus.  I wasn't sad to see the buffet go because well I really dislike buffets and the food there sucked even for bad Chinese food.

The interior was pretty nice but what made me happy was being able to see the kitchen on one side and a row of industrial pizza ovens on one wall.  The menu contained standards for Italian joints with a pretty impressive list of lunch specials that I was tempted to try.  The price point is reasonable for lunch out (about $10 with tip and soda)  and though I didn't try it they have slices for less than two bucks each (the waitress told me they are proper folding slices).

I ended up going for the sausage and peppers and a meatball sub (to go).  Sausage and peppers is one of my yardsticks for Italian places.  It was pretty tasty, sausage wasn't greasy or crumbly or burnt.  The peppers were just green, sliced thin, and were a little over cooked for my tastes but that wasn't a deal breaker.  They were served in a tomato sauce that was well rounded, could have used some heat - again that's just me (and there were no chile flakes on the table but by the time I thought of asking for them I had eaten almost all of the plate.  The garlic bread that came with it was good texture wise but lacking on the garlic (then again I'm one of those people who thinks the bread is just the vehicle for the garlic).

I haven't tried the meatball sub yet nor have I removed the foil but it's sizable.  I just hope the meatballs aren't just bland globes of burger.

There was a decent amount of business for a 2pm on a Monday, I hope it means good things.  I'm also excited about Napoli's having calzones, stromboli, Sicilian pizza, as well as fold slices.  I'll post more info as I try stuff.  Definitely make an effort to swing by there though.  It's one thing to bitch about lack of food here and then just go to fucking Chile's.  

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