Tuesday, March 06, 2012

"It's time to rock! To rock around the block!"

Despite my game malaise I am finding myself at turns overjoyed and filled with dark rage at SSXI'm also beginning to have some disappointments.

I love the SSX series and played the shit out of it back in the early-mid aughts.  So after playing the shit out of the demo I decided to pick up a copy.  I'm pretty impressed with everything about the game.  The single player is really just an extended trainer for the rest of the action.  The online experience is pretty awesome but something I need to delve into deeper.  I really enjoy the exploration gameplay feature which is open from the beginning (with all regions and characters unlocked).  It's an awesome way to check out tracks and how characters play and level them up.  My favorite are the survival modes in which you must race or solo through a harrowing course which wants to kill you.

The courses range from short and sweet to long and rage inducing (particularly the final areas which feature lots of crevasses which seem to appear out of nowhere to buttfuck your soul).  The final storyline race had me gritting my teeth so hard they started to creak and I still couldn't get more than halfway down the course.  Some of areas are massive almost to the point of insanity (Alaska and Siberia are frigging awesome) and during exploration mode it seems like there is always something to check out or trick off of.  I haven't really checked out the online components of the game but plan to soon.

The downside to SSX is that it's not SSX Tricky and for some bullshit reason Tricky is not backwards compatible for the 360.  What I miss about Tricky is the level of customization, the sense of chaos, and being able to knock other players off their fucking boards in a race.  Additionally the characters don't really feel different from one another.  In the character selection it says that each has their own set of bonuses but I haven't noticed a difference, especially since I can buy equipment that will boost skills.  I also miss some of the stat tweaking like handling.  Most of the music is shite but there are a couple of cuts I like.

That being said I am having good old fashioned fun playing SSX.  Except for the last race.  Fuck that race.  Fuck it in its ear.

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