Thursday, March 22, 2012

No news news (plus impending recipe idea).

Been neglecting HYR recently and for that I apologize to you fine folks.  I haven't had much to review or comment on recently.  Netflix has been pretty meh and the new releases I've been watching aren't really review worthy.  I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones which I'm not sporting wood over but it seems like it might be pretty good (and yes I've read the books multiple times).  Many of the problems I'm initially having with the series is based off of quibbles which I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't read the books.  I've watched a couple of "newer" releases, none of which were particularly impressive (Drive was all wasted potential at awesome).  I got bored with SSX and have been grinding towards 50 with my Bounty Hunter in SWTOR (I do want to unlock the Legacy stuff as sad as that might be).  School's been okay, just clunking along through another semester.  I made some spicy beef the other day and it was good.

However - I do have an idea for quiche in my head: Crawfish meat and smoked sausage (with roasted shallots and garlic).  Possibly with a remoulade.  I haven't looked for a recipe and probably won't bother (it's quiche, the world's easiest "fancy" fucking dish) but if someone has some suggestions please let me know (unless it's some wondertard comment about quiche being sissy food in which case fuck yourself, it's scrambled eggs and meats and cheese in pie form).

Hope all is well.

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