Monday, April 25, 2011

A household tip for making your house/apt smell kind of nice.

I noticed my apartment was smelling...not so good.  Since the weather has gotten warm here in Texas I haven't been able to have my windows open the way I did over the winter.  Plus I spent the last couple of days in my underpants, unshowered, eating pizza on the floor, and playing video games.  I'm out of Frebreeze (which does not double as cologne or anti-persperant) and I had one of those afternoons where I realized I'm teetering on the precipice of squalor.

I took out the trash, cleaned the kitchen, and came up with a brilliant idea.  I changed my AC filter and taped a couple of dryer sheets to the filter.  Now my place smells like Bounce dryer sheets.  It's an easy trick and dryer sheets are cheaper than sprays or those stupid plug in air fresheners (both of which make me kind of ill with the chemical smell).  I suppose if I had some Florida water or something like that I could just spray it on the filter but since I don't this is a pretty good option.

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