Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Defamation (2008) Dir. Yoav Shamir

I love a documentary that makes me confused in an intellectual way.  Yoav Shamir's Defamation is one such documentary.  Mr. Shamir is an Israeli man who made a documentary about global anti-Semitism and it gets a lot more complicated than that.  A lot more complicated.  A lot more fucking complicated.  Crown Heights complicated.  American Jewish way vs Israeli Jewish way complicated.  Varying opinions of Judaism, left and right Israeli views...complicated.  "Self-hating" (?) Jewish academics who are pro-Palestine.

What I love(?) about this documentary is Shamir talks to people from Abe Foxman (head of the ADL) to Rabbi Hecht to talking about Anti-Zionism vs Anti-Semitism.  Granted, Shamir might be an Israeli Michael Moore, but as an leftie-American I seem to trust foreign views of America more than I trust American views of America and I trust non-American views of history a little more than Ken Burns specials.

Defamation is a difficult documentary to process.  I wholeheartedly recommend this docu.

Now I'm gonna watch Dan Akroyd's docu about UFOs.

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