Friday, April 01, 2011

Experiments in beef.

In case you didn't get my FB update, I went to the local grocery store today and picked up about ten pounds of beef for a similar cost.  I just finished prepping/slicing the meat and have two experiments marinading as I write.  I'll try to keep posting as the dishes progress but here is the current status:

  1. I'm going to attempt to make my version of slow-cooked pork with beef.  I was thinking of making carne guisada but I've had a couple of beers and already prepped the beef the same way I do my pork.  I believe that the dish will turn out well though I'm not sure if the beef will have the same texture as my pork.  The only difference is I used pineapple/guava juice instead of pear juice in the marinade.
  2. The other bucket of meat is currently in one block with more stab wounds than Trotsky in it.  I'm going to make first attempt at brining/corning beef.  There's about a cup of ground sea salt, a cup of mixed peppercorns, two cups of cider vinegar, and a beer thrown in the mixture.  After my brief blog break I'll probably add a bulb of garlic, just for fun.
Next step (aside from garlic peeling) is going to be prepping my rack of pork ribs.

I hope all of you, and yours are well and safe and fixin to eat something tasty.

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