Sunday, April 04, 2010

A reflection on Easter and a declaration of moritorium on "Zombie Jesus".

I usually don't spout off about religion on HYR but a conversation me and the missus had this morning has me thinking.

To begin with I am declaring a moritoium on the phrase "Zombie Jesus".  It's not cute, it's not original, and it's about as pithy as any other trite hipster t-shirt logo.  It's not simply a matter of a dose sacreligious smirking, it's rather rude. 

The underlying reason that "Zombie Jesus" irks me is because it to me that the term is (often) used by people who purport the practice of religious tolerance.  You can't pick and choose what you're tolerant of.

I guess this all might sound a bit weird coming from me who has about as twisted, inappropriate, sacreligious, and filthy senses of humor as they come but for some reason this made me get on my soap box.

Personally I'm your standard late 20th Century grab-bag of religious beliefs kind of guy, an amalgamation of: Protestantism, Buddhism, animism, and a good bit of folksy superstition thrown in.  I have interests in religions around the world, etc, etc, etc. 

I'm not sure if I really understand Easter completely.  Yes, I know the story of Easter and the gross commercialism involved and qua qua qua but it seems like such a morbid holiday.  Come to think of it Christianity is pretty morbid, what with all the martyr worship.  I think I am missing a piece of the story so if anyone feels like explaining you're more than welcome to. 

In any case, Happy Easter no matter how you feel about the holiday.  Eat some candy, hug your kids, have something good to eat but please, stop saying "Zombie Jesus".  Now if you absolutely have to call someone a zombie call Lazarus a zombie.

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