Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saints Row 2 (2008) Second review

I have to admit that Zero Punctuation's review of Saints Row 2 made me go out and buy it.

I traded in Prototype and Dead Space for the simple reason that I got bored with those games and wanted something fun to play. Saints Row 2 is fun, fun the way GTA used to be. I am still a fan of the GTA series and will always be but something is missing these days. GTA is more like a crime sim (sort of - I still wish it was more empire building like Syndicate or SimCity) and SR2 brings back the psychotic mayhem that GTA III and GTA: VC were rife with. SR2 actually wants you to perform acts of total anarchy and builds side missions out of the premise. The "Fuzz" missions have you dress up as a cop and commit violence for the sake of the tagalong camera man. One mission was, "Break up a family dispute" and the camera man suggested I use a chainsaw for higher ratings. Well, through a crowd with a chainsaw...if I have to I guess I will...

So far I have only played through two story missions but they were satisfying. I will post again if any spectacular missions appear.

Part II of review to appear very soon.

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