Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rock Lobster? Rock Lobster!

No, not a post about the B-52s (as much as I do like B-52s) but about the new ship I picked up in EVE ("Guh, another EVE post?"). 

A while back I started to enjoy mining thanks to the Venture.  Since then I've slowly been moving away from my usual shoot and loot farming in L4s and moved into mining, supply runs, and trade.  I buy crap for sale at bargain basement prices, stuff that not even n00bs or Goons want, reprocess it and stockpile the results until the market gives me a good return.  Okay, I'm a god damn junk man.  I even mine garbage rocks because no one wants them.  Other players have asked me, "Why do you want that crap?  There's no money it."  I've gotten used to replying, "Who's more likely to be mugged?  You, with, a cargohold full of ice and assorted high-end goodies or me, who is pushing a glorified shopping cart around filled with scrap metal and useless crap?"

Most of the time though I have unnecessarily juiced up my shopping cart with speed and handling boosts.  One of my modus operendi in EVE is, "They can't hit what they can't catch."  And yes, once I whooped and do-leet-do-do'd the General Lee's horn while making a quick getaway from a gate.  I'm slowly, slowly learning the ropes when it comes to avoiding gate camps (pirate roadblocks essentially) and some of the subtleties of lowsec transport. 

On the non-transport end of things, and in reference to the ship previously mentioned, I recently got myself into a Retriever.

"Rock Lobster"
Yessir, got me one of them big ole mining barges.  Actually, it's a pretty cool looking ship and I wish that it could be used for combat (one of my current soapboxes is for CCP to make ORE combat ships).  But yeah, I shoot at de rocks.  In a bizarre way it's kind of soothing and I do have fun just kicking back, drinking some beers, and shooting the shit with my EVE buddies.  I'm not gonna make a massive fortune doing this however, I can't tell what my daily income average will be yet since I'm just stockpiling everything.I figure once I can get a certain price point for something, I will sell it.  Even if I make less than a handful of isk on a single item, if I sell several million of them in one go, that results in a nice chunk of change. 

o7, Fly Safe.

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