Sunday, February 03, 2013

Recipe! Yes, I still cook!

It's been a while since I posted a recipe but last night made something tasty I thought I'd share.  It was easy and relatively healthy.  Pan seared salmon crusted in #42 with sauteed mushrooms, sweet yellow tomatoes, diced applewood bacon served over steamed kale & shredded carrots.  Sounds pretty fancy?  It tastes awesome but was absurdly simple to make and cost less than $15 for multiple servings.

Here's the run down:

  • About half a lb of salmon cut into individual portions
  • a half dozen regular white mushrooms
  • small sweet tomatoes, yellow or red would be fine, whichever, hell, leave 'em out if you want
  • a couple of slices of bacon, chopped
  • I bought prepackaged kale salad, Harvest Sensations (which I am now addicted to).  It comes by the pound, is pre-washed, has shredded carrots in it, and has a nice sesame vinagrette with it
  • Spice mix #42
  • a cup of vegetable stock, hell, water will work fine too
That's it.

There's minimal prep work.  Chop up the bacon and slice the mushrooms.  Liberally apply #42 to the portions of salmon.

Heat pan, add diced bacon, cook bacon, remove bacon from pan, set aside. Sear salmon in bacon grease about four minutes a side.  Remove salmon from pan.  Saute sliced mushrooms and tomatoes, takes about two/three minutes.  Remove those from the pan.  Deglaze pan with stock (meaning pour the stock in while the pan is hot and scrape all the burnt-y goodness around).  Put kale in pan, as much as will fit in your pan.  Cover and cook at a medium-low heat for about ten minutes.  Turn off stove.  Assemble food.  Gaze in rapture or instapictweet your creation #Hooliganyouth. 

Joking aside, this is one of those nice simple dishes that doesn't require much skill or attention or time.  Plus it's super adaptable.  Probably be pretty tasty with shrimp.  Mmmm shrimps.

Hope you folks are in good spirits and eating well. 

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