Saturday, February 02, 2013

Product review: Campbell's Go soups

I was recently puttering around the grocery store and looking at soups.  I've been in a soup mood lately and yes I make soup from scratch but sometimes I just want something easy.  The new Campbell's Go caught my eye and though I'm not a huge fan of Campbell's Condensed Soups, iconic as they are, I saw Moroccan Style Chicken and Chickpeas.  They were on sale so I figured, "A'ight, I'll give it a shot."  A couple of days later I gave it a shot as my work lunch.

Gotta say, I'm impressed.  I like the packaging, it's simple and easy to use (clear marked tear notch that actually tore and didn't explode all over the place like those tuna packet things, put in microwave, shazam).  That might not seem like a big deal but at work I don't want to fight with my lunch.  More importantly, it's pretty darn tasty.  Startlingly so, considering it's just convenient microwave soup.  It had a little bit of kick, enough for me to go, "Huh, that's got a little kick." but it wouldn't send tenderfeet running for the milk.  There was a hint of sweet and cinnamon.  The texture was creamy and not terribly chunky but since I was drinking it out of a mug that wasn't a big deal.  Let's put it this way, I liked it so much I went out and bought the other flavors that appealed to me, including a Spicy Chicken and Chorizo.

Nice work, Campbell's.  Sometimes I can look down my nose at the wide number of "mainstream" gourmet products out there (I'll admit it, I can be a snobby crank), mainly because the product is poor quality that costs more because the words "gourmet" or "organic" or "free range cruelty free vegetables" grace the label (I got them on sale for about $2 a pop, which considering what you would spend on lunch out is a bargain).  I recommend checking these out, especially if you want something different for lunch. 

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