Monday, January 05, 2009

T's sandwiches - Pho in Nacogdoches!

After Zay's review/recommendation of T's Sandwiches and hearing it served pho we had to go.

T's Sandwiches
1122 N. University Dr
Nacogdoches TX
Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm
Sun: Closed

T's is in the Nacogdoches dirt mall. The mall is really sad and T's is just kind of a small place with a couple of formica tables. You wouldn't even know it has pho unless you were looking for it. They have beef, beef "meatball", and shrimp pho plus a number of stir fries. They also serve cheese steaks, grilled cheese sandwiches, spring rolls, and quite possibly the best summer rolls - a.k.a. egg rolls - I have had in about a million years.
I got the beef pho after the owner wasn't sure if I actually wanted the meatballs - I did. You know what? This was a damn fine bowl of pho. Not a ten but a solid 8. I normally don't get just straight up beef pho but it was good, well rounded, and had a solid flavour.
The downsides:
  • There wasn't enough cilantro for Amanda's liking.
  • I wish there had been basil served with it.
  • For $6.50 a bowl it was what would be a small size in other restaurants.
  • Being in the dirt mall is kind of a drag.

The upsides:

  • The pho was everything standard beef pho is supposed to be. Hearty, filling, and damned tasty. On the plus side it wasn't too salty.
  • Was served with jalapenos, some minced cilantro, onions, Sriricha chili sauce, and hoisin.
  • The boba tea was tasty as well as completely made from fresh ingredients.
  • The eggrolls were phenominal. Seriously. Fresh, crispy but not greasy. Nom.

Simply put we now have a place for pho, stir fry, egg rolls, spring rolls, and quite possibly cheesesteaks.

Everyone in Nac or Lufkin needs to check out this place. The guys were super nice and the food was great. You're actually missing out if you don't eat here.

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