Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fish Pl: Restaurant review

Fish Pl.
1302 North Street
Nacogdoches, TX

Delacroix's closed awhile back and a new fish joint moved in, Fish Pl.  Now, as many of you know, I used to eat at Delacroix's very often - at the height of addiction I think it was about three or four times a week.  The Sunday brunch was awesomely awesome with awesome sauce.  I was upset about the place closing and frankly kind of annoyed that another seafood/"Cajun" place would move in.  However, after Fish Pl. opened a few weeks ago I started hearing reports that it was indeed, "pretty good" and "delicious".  Last night I swung by there with some people.  Walking into the remodelled establishment felt weirder than weird - like wearing someone else's underwear awkward.

Frankly, I am not impressed based on my first meal.  They have a tiered combo menu ($6.50/$8.50/$10), a selection of po'boys, a couple of other salad/entree things, and tacos ($4.00 ea).*  I had heard good things about the fish & chips and I love fish & chips so I got the fish & chips (fish & chips Malkovitch).  With a small side of cole slaw ($2), tax, and tip it came out to be $16.  A little pricey but it was one the most expensive combo so it didn't come as sticker shock.

There was a sauce/condiment bar with ten (?) selections including creole mustard (had kind of a weird cream aftertaste which Zatarain's mustard doesn't have), cocktail sauce, a poblano ranch (which was sadly bland), chipotle mayo, and a couple of other things.  Shrug, they were okay. 

The fish & chips is not "fish & chips" with the light golden brown crust greasy British deliciousness or something panko encrusted.  It's the cornmeal enamel polisher that is often used with catfish (I don't understand actually paying for catfish in a restaurant).  To be fair the crust was well done and not overcooked and the cod was nice and flaky.  But the combo plate was far too much breading and starch (as is the case with most fried dish combo plates) since toast and hushpuppies are included as well (the hushpuppies were good but overdone and kind of bland).  I'm also not a fan of the cornbread breading.  The cole slaw was a dry-ish standard cole slaw blend that wasn't bad except it had an overpowering amount of black pepper in it - of all the things that should have been bland-ish the cole slaw had the most kick.

After taking my time and looking at the menu I think there are only one or two things I would try if I go there again.  The #8 red beans & rice with andouille or boudain balls ($6.50), a salad (which are the same price as at The Barn), or the Cajun shrimp po'boy. 

All in all, I'll go again if someone else wants to check it out but since I'm not a fan of cornmeal breading I won't be getting the fried fish again.  Plus, truth be told the Fish Pl. prices are the same and in some cases more than The Barn's (especially the lunch specials and sandwiches & burgers) so if it's just me then I'll walk over to The Barn.

*The menu online is different from the in-store menu (upon which they misspelled Nacogdoches).

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