Friday, March 11, 2011

Torchlight (2010) - Relic Games

Lately I've been totally impressed by XBOX Arcade titles.  For a price point that ranges from $5-$15 and gameplay that is satifying I can't be upset (especially when big name titles debut at $60 and DLC basically means BOHICA - I'm looking at you Bioware).

Relic's Torchlight came out to decent reviews on the PC but since I'm not a hardcore PC gamer I didn't pay much attention.  The XBOX Arcade port came out this week and I have to say I am glad I plunked down the 1200 MS Points for the whole game.

Torchlight is at its core a dungeon crawler, smash the enemy, loot hoarding, Diablo clone and it does it well.  It's single player (which is kind of a shame because this game would lend itself well to some Gauntlet-esque action), the graphics are solid, the gameplay is solid, the gear is awesome, the controls are really simple once you figure out the mapping, and the game is fun.  Yes fun and actually has some interesting features I haven't seen in an RPG before, like a competent pet - that not only acts like a pack mule but you can send to town to sell loot, equip with spells and items, and you can trust to "Smitty" you (Smitty is my term for when the AI does retarded shit, get stuck on walls, disappears randomly, runs into friendly fire, pretends it's Leroy Jenkins, or generally acts like a Teapartier).

So far so good, I am looking forward to playing some more and getting more of that precious looty.

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