Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tabasco Sweet and Spicy Pepper Sauce - Review.

I picked up a bottle of Tabasco Sweet and Spicy Pepper Sauce yesterday and tried it out this morning on my eggs.  It's very mild but has enough flavor to be interesting.  It's primarily billed as a dipping sauce and it comes out thick from the bottle - I had to fight with it a little bit. 

Yup, not bad and I will probably use it as a glaze for when more delicate palates come to visit.  I actually want to use it as a dipping sauce for apples.

Truth be told's just a Tabasco over priced version of Banana Ketchup, like Jufran or UFC (I prefer UFC - it's got more kick to it).  If you're near an Asian grocery store or live in near a Wal-Mart that serves a large Asian demographic just pick up Banana Ketchup for about a buck.

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