Monday, June 28, 2010

Red Dead Redemption: Tips and assorted fun.

Okay, I found a super simple solution to polishing off the final task of the Sharpshooter Challenge - that is disarm six opponents without switching weapons or reloading.  Activating Dead Eye automatically reloads your weapon, which is a pain in the ass. So, here are my suggestions:
  1. Buy the Mauser pistol.  It has a fifteen round clip.
  2. Use all of your ammo except for one clip (15 rounds).  This way there is no extra ammo to reload your weapon.
  3. Go to the town of Chuparosa.  Enter the main building/jail and make your way up all the floors, in the last room you will see a ladder up to the attic.  Before you climb the ladder, open a dresser or armoire - this will get the cops on your tail.  Get up the ladder and back away so you have a clear shot/view of the top of the ladder.  Be patient the cops will chase you up to the attic.  Wait for the Federale to ascend and activate Dead Eye.  Put one round in their weapon hand and one in their noggin'.  They will keep charging up the ladder after you.  If you lose your wanted level you can run back downstairs and open another cabinet to reinstall your wanted level.  Wash rinse repeat. 
  4. After almost a full gaming session of attempting this challenge using this method I completed it in about five minutes.  Tada.
Tip #2: When trying to kill a bear with a knife.  Shoot the bastard in the legs two or three times, then equip your knife and make sure you are quick with your healing tonics.

Tip #3: Buy the Buffalo Rifle as soon as you can.  It's one shot one kill capability on cougars, bears, and assorted baddies is a life saver.

Tip #4:  When being pursued by...people pursuing you...might I suggest, leave off the horse controls and focus on the shooting.  The horse keeps moving at a good clip for about as long as it takes to make work of the enemies.

Tip #4b:  Alternately, if you're a mean bastard just shoot their horse.

Other tips will follow and a "final" review of the Single Player adventure is pending.

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