Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 10...

A quick update on my WoW travels.  I promise I will post some real posts ASAP (probably about Dragon Age)...
  • Bessler is up to lvl 32, has a tiger named Mittens and a giant snapper turtle named Tabasco.
  • I have taken to wandering the highways and byways
  • I joined The Followers of Eli, a 244 member guild that's got some pretty reasonable folks in it.
  • I got the living bejebbus scared out of me by my first encounter with a Horde faction member.  I was running through Westfall and ran over the crest of a hill.  There was a big gnarly looking dude on a big gnarly looking mount.  fortunately he just menaced me and didn't turn me into dead.
  • I am thinking of starting a new character, possibly Horde.  I dunno...

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